Your Insurance Company Uses Professionals to Protect Their Interests. You Should Too!

About Us

Public Insurance Adjuster Consults With ClientsWhen a disaster strikes your home or property, or you have discovered damage or destruction, you need a company that will work for you. Interstate Public Adjusters, LLC will work for you to ensure that you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to, to replace or repair all of the related damage to your home or property. We work hard to accurately value all damage and make sure that repairs or replacement of insured property are fully covered.

PA and NJ Licensed Public Adjusters Work For You

While your insurance company has adjusters on staff to value your damaged property, we work only for the policyholder to ensure that all estimates are accurate and account for all of the damages associated with your insurance claim. We work for homeowners, business owners, management companies, apartment owners, tenants, and boat owners. We work only for residential or commercial policyholders. We have 10 years of experience in construction and 35 years of combined experience in the insurance industry! Like the adjuster assigned by your insurance company, the public adjuster is there to negotiate. Unlike the adjuster assigned by your insurance company, the public adjuster is there to negotiate for you, not against you.

We are licensed by the state insurance departments of Pennsylvania and New Jersey to advise and assist you—the policyholder with your insurance claim. Please be aware that there is no equivalent level of state licensing for the adjusters used by your insurance company. Adjusters who work for your insurance company do not have to pass any state examinations and no state regulations specifically govern their conduct. They are bound only by the regulations governing the insurance companies that hire them.

We are members of the National Association Of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA). To learn more about your states licensing and guides to public adjusters, visit the state websites below.

Pennsylvania Insurance Department

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance

Your insurance company hires professional adjusters to protect their interests and you should do the same. If you require assistance with any type of insurance claim and have a property in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Interstate Public Adjusters immediately.

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