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Case Study: Helping a Church Recover from Massive Water Damage

It takes just one frozen pipe to cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

One of our clients learned that lesson the hard way recently. And without the help of a seasoned public adjuster, they might have had to settle for a fraction of what they needed.

Read on to learn how a we were able to work with this client and their insurance company to make sure they got the settlement they required.

Type of Damage

Frozen pipe claim


A church in Vineland, NJ

Policy coverage

HO-3 All Risk policy

Frozen pipe damage description

As in all frozen pipe cases, the damage here didn’t happen right away. In this case, the pipe froze and burst sometime during a six-day stretch when the church wasn’t in use, which made it difficult to tell how long the water was running.

Regardless, the church’s secretary came in and found that the ceiling had collapsed inside the pastor’s office. The congregation discovered carpets soaked throughout the building, with water cascading down the steps to the lower level.

This level sustained the most damage, home to the church’s kitchen, banquet facility and children’s center. When workers pulled up the carpeting, they discovered the vinyl asbestos tile underneath, which also needed to be removed.


The church didn’t hire Interstate Public Adjusters until after the pastor had gotten got an initial offer from their insurance company. They quickly realized this settlment wouldn’t begin to cover the extent of the damage.

And because we were not involved from the start, the entire process took eight months, which is longer than normal for this type of claim.

It didn’t help that the insurance adjuster — only a few months on the job –underestimated what it would take to restore the church. (For example, he didn’t think the carpet needed to be replaced just reset and cleaned.)

We convinced the insurance company to hire a more experienced, independent adjuster. This adjuster worked with us on behalf of the insurance company to get the church the settlement it needed.

Initial amount offered from the insurance company


Final amount awarded with the help of Interstate Public Adjusters


Whether the damage comes from a flood, fire or fallen object, Interstate Public Adjusters can make sure you get the compensation you need and deserve from your insurance company. Contact us today to learn how we can help make sure you get a fair deal from your insurer.

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