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Getting Ready for the 2019 Hurricane Season

Trees that fell on a house during a hurricane

Are you ready for Andrea? Barry? What about Humberto, Jerry and Karen?

Those aren’t people, but rather the names meteorologists will give to the tropical storms and hurricanes as they develop in 2019.

In a few short months, people up and down the east coast could be cleaning up after hurricane damage, which means we’ll likely be dealing with hurricane claims. PA, NJ, FL: pretty much any state on the east coast is susceptible to some level of destruction from tropical storms.

We’ve talked a lot about how to recover after a storm hits and dealing with NJ, Florida and PA hurricane claims, but we haven’t dealt much with hurricane preparation. With that in mind, we’ve decided to share this list from FEMA on how you can prepare for hurricanes before, during and after the storm.

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How a Public Adjuster in Florida Can Help in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Public Adjuster for Hurricane Damage in Florida

As we write this, Hurricane Irma was on its way to the United States, bringing with it monstrous 200 mph winds.

As a hurricane damage public adjuster who works in Florida, it’s something we’re watching very closely.

Only four other Category 5 hurricanes in history have reached U.S. shores, and only one Atlantic storm – Hurricane Allen in 1980 – had winds that were higher. Irma is so strong, USA Today reported, that it’s showing up on machinery used to measure earthquakes.

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Using a Public Adjuster to Avoid Insurance Claim Denial

Public Adjuster Claims AssistanceIt’s something we see all too often in our line of work: Someone has had a claim denied by their insurance company, and they come seek out a public adjuster for help.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do for people after a claim is rejected. But a licensed public adjuster can play an important role when they become involved early in the process.

Read on to learn how using a public adjuster can help you avoid claim denial.

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After Hurricane Matthew: Filing Your Insurance Claim

FL Hurricane Damage Insurance ClaimWe’re writing this in the midst of hurricane season, which means dealing with hurricane damage insurance claims. It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Matthew hammered the Caribbean and the Florida coast.

When you own a home in an area where hurricanes occur, it’s important to understand what home insurance policies typically cover in the event of a major storm like Matthew.

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