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Filing a Falling Object Damage Insurance Claim

Storm DamageNo matter how well you take care of your home, accidents can still happen.

You might have a fire. Your basement might flood. And sometimes, something might just fall out of the sky. It might be something as exotic as a meteor or a jet engine, or as everyday as a tree limb.

But no matter what happens, it’s important to know what falling object damage means in terms of your homeowner’s insurance.

What’s covered?

Homeowners insurance policies typically include coverage for falling objects. However, it usually only applies to objects that hit the home directly.

Let’s say that a once-in-a-thousand-years meteor shower happened, and a rock from space sails through your roof and wrecks your bedroom.

There’s also the specter of “blue ice damage.” Blue ice refers to frozen waste from airplane toilets. Sometimes, it leaks from a plane, freezes at high altitudes, and falls from the sky onto people’s property. We realize this sounds unpleasant, but it happens enough that the FAA has an explanation of the phenomenon on its website.

In either case, the damage would be covered. But if the same meteor veered off course a bit and hit the street outside, causing pictures to fall from the wall, that damage wouldn’t be covered.

Basically, any exterior damage that results from a falling object – or interior damage that’s the result of a direct hit – will be covered.

What if a tree falls?

Your insurance policy should cover you no matter if the tree damage comes from a tree on your property or someone else’s. If a falling tree – or tree limb — hits your home, it’s important to file a claim with your insurance company even if you think your neighbor is to blame for damage. A claims adjuster can investigate and determine if your neighbor was negligent and proceed from there, but that can only happen if you’ve filed a claim.

What should I do when it happens?

When a falling object hits your home, make a record. Get out your phone or your camera and take photos as soon as you can. It will make the claims process much easier. In fact, insurance professionals say it’s a good idea to make a photographic record of your home each year. It makes it easier to show what you had at home before an accident happened.

Should I make repairs?

Yes, and as soon as possible. If an object crashes through your roof, your insurance company will most likely pay for repairs. But if you don’t do anything to mitigate the wreckage – covering the hole in your roof – you’ll be letting in wind and rain, which will exacerbate the damage that’s already there. And that additional damage won’t be covered by your policy.

How can a public adjuster help?

If a falling object hits your home or property, you need to determine the full extent of the damage. And not all types of damage may be evident to you. An experienced public adjuster is trained in estimating the scope of any damage in order to give you the accurate value for your claim.

Has your home been damaged by a falling object? Contact Interstate Public Adjusters today. Our experts are skilled at helping you deal with your insurance company, and helping you avoid any roadblocks they put in the way of your claim.

We hope you never have cause to use our services. But if something does fall out of the sky onto your home, know that we can help you put things back together.


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