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How a Public Adjuster Can Help with Fire Damage in Florida

Florida Public Adjuster for Fire DamageIt’s been a bad year for wildfires in Florida.

As of mid-May, the state had lost 170,000 acres to fires, according to Florida’s agriculture commissioner. There were more than 2,100 reported fires, the result of drought conditions.

If you’ve been the victim of one of these fires, a public adjuster can work with you to help recover some of what you’ve lost.

Read on to see how a fire public adjuster in Florida can help you.

1. You’ll have a better understanding of your policy

Making a damage claim after a fire is more complicated than you might expect, requiring a lot of important decisions that need to be made quickly. If you miss an important detail, or get confused, it could mean the denial of your claim.

A fire public adjuster in Florida has the expertise to help you understand the policy and what information your insurance company will need when you file your claim. They can help you document the damage to your home, develop a report about the value of what was lost and answer any questions your insurance agent might have.

2. You’ll make sure your rights are protected

Your insurance company will work long and hard to look for ways not to pay your claim. Having a licensed public adjuster on your side gives you a credible witness to help prove your case if the insurance company won’t pay and you need to take them to court. But that’s unlikely, because…

3. A public adjuster lowers the risk of litigation

Lawsuits manage to be stressful and slow-moving at the same time, which means it could take a long time before you’re able to restore your property. But hiring a fire public adjuster in Florida reduces the likelihood that you and your insurance company will have to fight it out in court.

Because as we said above, the public adjuster acts as your witness, one that courts tend to favor. Instead of spending a lot of money on a legal battle, the insurers will decide to pay your settlement.

4. You can increase your insurance settlement

Your insurance company might tell you that a public adjuster is an unnecessary expense. Don’t listen to them. Adjusters have a good reputation for getting their clients the information they need to get a larger settlement from insurance companies.

I lost my home in a wildfire. What should I do next?

One of the things you should do is contact a fire public adjuster in Florida, for the reasons we’ve just described. Beyond that, here’s what you need to do to prepare to file your claim:

  • Keep a list of everything you’ve lost. Don’t throw anything away. You’ll need to prove that you owned them, no matter how much smoke, flame or water damage they incurred.
  • File your claim ASAP, which is what your insurance company requires.
  • Keep track of all communications you have with your insurance company. Take notes at every meeting and during every phone call, and get receipts from the post office.
  • Secure your property to prevent further damage. This can mean putting up a fence to keep out trespassers, covering holes in the wall or roof to protect against rain and moving property that is at risk for further damage.
  • Keep track of your living expenses if you’ve been displaced. Your insurance company will reimburse you for hotel stays, restaurant meals, laundry and extra gas.

A housefire is a shattering experience. Don’t let a battle with your insurance company make things worse. The experts at Interstate Public Adjusters are here to help you restore your property.

We are licensed in Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Contact us today to let us help get your life back on track.

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