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Property Damage from a Hurricane? A Public Adjuster Can Help!

public adjusterHurricane season is the No.1 time of the year when your home is at risk of serious damage. And with an average of two or three hurricanes each year, your home could be struck again before the cleanup and repairs are even finished.

Hurricane damage is a very real threat, so now is a good time to keep a Public Adjuster in mind.

Why should you think about Public Adjusters?

If storm damage has damaged or destroyed your home, then it’s important to find another form of shelter as quickly as possible. It’s too dangerous to stay in an exposed home until it’s been evaluated by a trained professional – and in many cases, a Public Adjuster can come out to your property in less than 24 hours. However, there’s a more important reason why you’ll want a Public Adjuster on your side: Speed.

Insurance companies are going to be busy processing a large number of claims after any hurricane occurs. Quite frankly, they could be overwhelmed by the need to provide services (including their own claims reports), and that means major delays in how long it takes you to get compensated for your losses. A Public Adjuster will work on your behalf to try and speed the process as much as possible – so whether you end up contracting a repair company or moving to a new home, you’ll be able to do it faster than before.

Public Adjusters will also help you get the maximum payout from your insurance company by providing an independent estimate of the damages. Public Adjusters do not work for your insurance company – they work for you, carefully avoiding any conflict of interest that might reduce the payout you deserve.

What types of claims can a Public Adjuster help with?

Public Adjusters can help you with many kinds of claims, but the following are most likely to occur during hurricane season.

  • Storm Damage: Outright damage from storms – including fallen trees, broken windows, water damage, and similar damage is the most likely source of damage to your home during hurricane season. While most damage is relatively minor, it’s still important to get the home repaired as quickly as possible. This is especially true if major damage occurs and renders the house unfit to live in.
  • Fire DamageFires aren’t the first thing most people think of during hurricane season, but the truth is that fires actually can start during a storm. This can lead to more damage than you expect, particularly if the structure of the house is compromised, and it’s important that the survey of the house be as accurate as possible. If it’s not, you could find that the bill for repairs is far greater than the insurance money you received.
  • Flood Damage: While rarely a problem for homes in higher areas, flooding can easily occur in basements, buildings, and anywhere that water pools together. Hurricanes are especially likely to cause this type of damage, and it may be covered separately from other forms of damage that a storm can cause. Standing water will continue to damage a property over time, so you’ll want to have the home dried out and examined as quickly as possible – you may need to be reimbursed by your insurance later on, rather than waiting for them to pay you, but companies that work to remove standing water understand your issues and are usually willing to come to a fair arrangement with you.

How does the process work?

The process of adjustment is relatively straightforward. After an agreement for services has been made, a Public Adjuster will examine the damage to your property, consider the terms of your current insurance arrangements, and help you talk to your insurance company. We cannot prevent the insurance company from sending their own claims representative to examine the property, but at the same time, they cannot stop us from acting on your behalf or bar us from the discussions.

Once matters have progressed far enough, your Public Adjuster will help you file the appropriate paperwork and see to it that everything is in order. From there, matters are largely routine, though we will press your insurance company to pay out your claim as quickly as possible.

Put Your Mind At Ease

You can’t stop nature from causing destruction, but you can prepare to deal with the aftermath. By keeping a Public Adjuster in mind during hurricane season, you’ll be ready to get the help you need if damage occurs to your property. Don’t stress out over the things you can’t control – just be ready to deal with them and know that you’re in good hands.


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