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Hurricane season in Florida is guaranteed. How will you manage your insurance claim?

The NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center is forecasting a busier and more violent hurricane season than usual for Florida in 2020, and so far this year, results have borne out that prediction. The Center is predicting 16 to 19 storms will sweep through the state this year, with somewhere between 6 and 10 of them developing into full-blown hurricanes, with sustained winds exceeding 75 mph. This means hurricane claims in Florida will likely be pretty numerous.

There are several weather factors which are contributing to this expected above-normal season for powerful storms, The El Nino condition which generally acts as a suppressant for hurricane development will be largely absent, and conditions instead will trend toward La Nina. Warmer than normal ocean waters in the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea will also favor more frequent storms and more violent storms. All this being so, residents of Florida and nearby states would be well-advised to check their insurance policies for coverage, so you’ll be able to make hurricane claims in Forida when you need to.

How much does hurricane insurance cost in Florida?

There isn’t actually any specific ‘hurricane insurance’ sold by carriers – instead insurance companies will sell you policies which cover wind damage and flood damage, which are the two chief components of hurricane damage. The cost of wind damage will generally be somewhat higher than the cost for flood damage, and if you have both of these in your policy, you’ll be able to adequately make hurricane claims in Florida.

How to keep my home insured during hurricane season in Florida?

The best approach is to make sure you purchase wind and water damage coverage early in the season, before the storms begin to form, so you’ll have the option of making hurricane damage claims in Florida.

How much coverage do I need for water damage?

You can purchase insurance coverage for water damage usually at a rate which covers one inch of flooding that causes $10,000 of damage to your home. So for instance if you were to have three inches of water flood your home, it would probably cost you $30,000 to repair that damage. You’ll need to purchase water damage coverage in accordance with this scale, so you can make your hurricane claims in Florida.,

How much coverage do I need for wind and water damage?

When you suffer wind damage to your home, it can involve having siding or roofing blown off, having objects blown into your home, and sustaining damage to the interior when part of the exterior has been removed – these might all be part of your hurricane claims in Florida. You’ll need to have sufficient dollar-value coverage to handle all these possibilities when a hurricane strikes in your neighborhood..

Is my home protected during a hurricane in Florida?

The best way to ensure that your home is protected against a hurricane is to do all of the following: inspect the home for loose objects, install shutters for the windows, make sure your roof is wind-proof, and remove all loose articles from around the house. If disaster strikes, then you’ll be able to make hurricane claims in Florida.

Where can I find a trusted public adjuster in Florida?

Hurricane claims in Florida require a skilled and experienced public adjuster, so you should definitely contact Interstate Public Adjusters, a firm which will always keep your best interests at heart, and will help you maximize your hurricane claims in Florida.

How can a public adjuster help me?

A public adjuster only gets paid when your claim is settled, so it’s in their best interest to maximize your claim so as to increase their own payment. They understand the language of insurance policies and can help you file your hurricane claims in Florida.

How do I know my home is protected from hurricane damage in Florida?

Check with your public adjuster and have a review of your homeowner’s policy. That will tell you whether you have adequate coverage, so you can make hurricane claims in Florida if the need arises.

Contact Interstate Public Adjusters

When you need to make hurricane claims in Florida, you should contact a representative at Interstate Public Adjusters, so they can use their expertise and professionalism to help you navigate through the subtleties and the intricate language of your policy. Then you’ll be sure of what your situation is, and you’ll be able to make hurricane claims in Florida when you need to.

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