Your Insurance Company Uses Professionals to Protect Their Interests. You Should Too!

Hurricane season is far from over; how are you managing your hurricane claims in New Jersey?

If you’ve spent hours reviewing your insurance after sustaining hurricane damage, you might be a bit bewildered about just what’s covered and what isn’t. Hurricane claims in NJ can be pretty tricky and sometimes confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all the legalese which is used in a typical policy.

Many homeowners suffer wind damage, water damage, and other types of property damage, but still can’t tell exactly what’s covered after reading through their insurance coverage. Don’t feel bad if you fall into this category, because it’s fairly typical of insurance policies to be confusing and unclear about coverage. That’s what makes filing hurricane claims in NJ so important and so frustrating at the same time.

When you need to file hurricane claims in NJ, you really want to have it done correctly the very first time, because if your insurance carrier finds anything amiss, it will probably end up delaying your reimbursement, and therefore any repairs which you wanted to make. What’s the solution?

Work with a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is an independent insurance professional who does not represent insurance companies. Instead, the adjuster works with homeowners to help them with their hurricane claims in NJ, so the process can be expedited and so the homeowner can receive the maximum amount of their entitlement.

The job of a public adjuster is not to seek more money than you are legitimately entitled to, as perhaps a lawyer might do in a liability case, but only to ensure that you do receive everything your policy entitles you to. As with all professionals however, not all public adjusters are created equal, and not all will have your best interests at heart.

That’s why it’s important that you don’t settle for working with an adjuster who might call you up on the phone after a hurricane has struck the area. These individuals may or may not be scrupulous, and they may or may not have a thorough understanding of insurance processes.

You are much safer to stick with a well-recognized Public Adjuster such as Interstate Public Adjusters, because they’ve been around for years and have earned a solid reputation as an advocate for the homeowner. The professionals at Interstate Public Adjusters can help you file your hurricane claims in NJ and are extremely skilled.

After assessing the damage to your home, they may identify situations which you were completely unaware of. Not all damage is easily visible, and some structural damage can only be detected by a trained eye. The last thing you would want to do when filing hurricane claims in NJ is overlook some specific area of damage, and then try to initiate another claim with your carrier.

Hurricane claims in NJ can always best be handled when you have the experts on your side, ensuring that all damage has been identified, and that your reimbursement will adequately cover the cost of repairs.

Need help managing your hurricane claim?

There can be a lot of intricacies and subtleties involved in making a claim to your insurance carrier after you’ve been hit by a hurricane, and if you need help with your hurricane claims in NJ, PA, or Florida, you should contact Interstate Public Adjusters. Our specialists have had years of experience handling such claims, and we can make sure you get your full entitlement from your insurance company, so you can get your life back on track.

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