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Ready to File Ice Storm Claims This Winter?

ice storm claimsIf you live in New Jersey or Pennsylvania — or nearly anywhere else in the Northeastern United States — you know that fierce winter storms aren’t the only weather-related threat that’s right around the corner.

Once that heavy snow starts falling, serious damage to your home and property is a very real possibility. And once the temperature dips below freezing or an actual ice storm comes your way, the potential damage to your home can get very serious, very fast.

It’s no wonder there’s so much confusion surrounding ice storm claims. Heavy snow or ice leads to the collapse of roofs and porches every single winter. And while the damage to your home will usually — but not always — be covered by your homeowners policy, the same can’t be said for any non-building structures on your property, like fences or septic tanks. (If those are damaged by the weight of snow or ice, you’ll probably be out of luck.)

It’s important to bear in mind that the fine print on one homeowners insurance policy will almost always be different from the next. And that’s why it can be so difficult to receive the financial reimbursement you’re due.

Some policies will cover the cost of refrigerated food that’s lost during a power outage resulting from an ice or snow storm. Some won’t. Some policies will cover the cost of a hotel, should an ice or snow storm cause your home to become uninhabitable. Some won’t. And some policies will pay for the damage caused by burst pipes or fallen tree limbs, or the water damage caused by melted snow leaking through your home’s roof. But again, others won’t. Do you know if any of those scenarios are covered by your policy?

Figuring out exactly what your policy says — and what it doesn’t — really shouldn’t be a part of the commitment you make with your insurance company. But unfortunately, that’s the reality. And that’s where we come in: A public adjuster is uniquely trained to push past the roadblocks your provider will almost certainly erect when you file a claim.

We know the law. We know exactly the sort of legal language to use when we file your claim. And because our compensation is tied directly to the size of the payout you receive, you never have to wonder where our loyalties lay.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how a public adjuster can make your life easier this winter.

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