Your Insurance Company Uses Professionals to Protect Their Interests. You Should Too!

What is a Public Adjuster & How Can They Help Me?

Public Adjuster in PA, NJ & FLIf you’re like most people, you may have heard of public adjusters, but might not fully understand what they do.

These professionals advocate on behalf of insurance policy holders during reimbursement negotiations.

Plenty of people are completely unaware of the nuances of their rights in the context of reimbursement for insurance. A public adjuster is here to help ensure policy holders are reimbursed exactly as they should be.

Professional Assistance in a Time of Need

Public adjusters have helped countless insurance policy holders after tragic events. If your New Jersey home is damaged or ruined, you can benefit from the assistance of a public adjuster. This professional is here to lend you valuable assistance when you are in a tough spot. Public adjusters have extensive experience dealing with the insurance companies in the aftermath of policy holder losses. These professionals answer policy holders’ questions, address their concerns and help them through the complicated insurance maze until a fair resolution is reached.

Insurance Companies do not Always Handle Claims in the Proper Manner

Studies show that the assistance of a public insurance adjuster really does boost the total amount of the typical claim’s payments. Claims are not cut and dry. Some Pennsylvania insurance companies will try every trick in the book to minimize payouts to policy holders. In some instances, public adjusters make the difference between a substantial payout and little or no payout at all.

A Service Well Worth the Money

Public adjusters in New Jersey make no secret of the fact that they are paid a percentage of the policy holder’s recovery. This is the positive reinforcement public adjusters need to work hard and maximize the payout. Most policy holders have no qualms about paying a professional to help with the complexities of insurance claims. In fact, many public adjusters will only accept payment after the policy holder is paid a certain amount of money. This means the professional does not earn an hourly rate but will only make money if the claim is successful.

Public Adjusters Force Insurance Companies to Honor Their Word

Too many insurance companies go back on their word once disaster strikes. They break promises regarding compensation toward home repairs and replacing damaged items. Part of the public adjuster’s role is to ensure the claim is handled properly. Their assistance forces insurance companies to honor the promises made in the insurance policy.

Most insured parties are dealing with a considerable loss and simply attempting to make it through a dramatic event. Therefore, many homeowners reach out to public adjusters for in-depth claim assistance. Ask around and you will find that the assistance of a public adjuster often leads to massive payouts that otherwise would not have occurred had the claimant attempted to navigate the murky insurance waters on his own. Those who have experience with public adjusters almost unanimously recommend hiring these professionals for assistance with every major insurance claim.

The Valuable Insight and Experience You Need

Work with a New Jersey public adjuster and he will lend important insight as to how you can rebound from your tragedy and rebuild your life. For example, he will advise you to refrain from signing a release on your insurance claim. Such a document removes the burden from the home insurer for subsequent claim payments.

Your public adjuster will also advise you to avoid cashing insurance payment checks labeled “full and final settlement”. The cashing of such a check limits you to obtaining additional compensation, even if the policy states you are entitled to it.

Recognize the Challenge That Lies Ahead

Take a moment to consider the challenges involved in a major insurance claim. Your house might have endured extensive damage. Perhaps it is a total loss. The insurance claims process might take a year or longer to complete. You are drowning in paperwork, emotionally drained and desperately need assistance. This is the perfect time to ally with a public adjuster. Let him sweat all the subtleties of the insurance claim process so you can focus on getting your life back in order and regaining a sense of normalcy.

Your public adjuster will guide you through the nuances of the claim process and explain exactly how to maximize your payout. He has studied the idiosyncrasies of insurance inside and out. Let him work on your behalf and you will get exactly what your policy states you are entitled to. Your public adjuster will do everything from evaluating damage to estimating rebuilding costs, interacting with the insurance company to expedite the claim and tracking payments.

Has your home been damaged in a storm, a fire, or some sort of other disaster? Contact Interstate Public Adjusters.

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