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Atlantic County

We are your Atlantic County public adjuster.

Has your Atlantic County, NJ property suffered severe damage? A public adjuster will help you obtain the full value for your insurance reimbursement. At Interstate Public Adjusters, we have experience investigating a wide variety of insurance claims, from fire and smoke damage to all-risk incidents.

What does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster negotiates with your insurance company to help you receive an accurate assessment and reimbursement for your valuables, home, and property after a claim. Because a public adjuster works for you – and not the insurance company – you can rest assured that your interests are represented. Many people may not know that insurance companies hire professional adjusters to protect their interests. We advise you to do the same. 

Atlantic County Public Adjuster Services

As a local public adjuster, we can assist you in negotiating many property insurance claims, including the following:

Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

Fireman putting out house fire - Atlantic County public adjuster can help with fire and smoke damage claims

Fires can cause significant damage to your home and property. It may surprise you that even small fires, such as cooking fires, chimney fires, and barbecue fires, can cause damage from smoke or firefighting efforts. In other cases, your property may have suffered damage from a fire at a neighboring property. In the event your Atlantic County, NJ property is damaged by fire, smoke, or firefighting efforts, a public adjuster can help ensure that you receive all the benefits of your insurance policy.

Water Damage Claims in Atlantic County NJ

Flooding in basement - Atlantic County public adjuster can help with water damage claims

Water damage can stem from a variety of sources, including:

  • Pipe leaks
  • Collapsed, clogged, or rusted pipes
  • Frozen and burst pipes
  • Backed-up drains
  • Toilet overflows
  • Hot water heater damage
  • Appliance malfunctions (e.g., dishwasher, washing machine, etc.)
  • Seepage (e.g., water saturation through bricks, roofs, bathroom tiles, ceilings, etc.)

The resulting damage from these water issues is often more than meets the eye. In addition to visible property damage, there may also be other, less obvious effects that can ultimately decrease your home's value if not initially assessed. For instance, if your insurance company doesn’t account for mold prevention and remediation when assessing damage, you could incur unexpected costs to address the issue down the road. Mold, and any other damage or loss you experience from the incident, must be covered by your insurance plan.

As public adjusters in Atlantic County, NJ, we ensure that you receive the full value of your claim to cover any damage or loss of value to your home or property.

Storms, Lightning, and Natural Disaster Claims

Tree fallen on house - Atlantic County public adjuster can help with storm damage claims

Damage caused by storms, flooding, lightning, hurricanes, and other natural disasters is often difficult to accurately value – and they’re usually the most contentious when it comes to insurance negotiations. Make sure you have a trusted public adjuster on your side! We can help you receive the full value from your insurance policy to cover any damage your property may have suffered.

Theft and Vandalism Claims

Broken ajar window - Atlantic County public adjuster can help with theft and vandalism claims

If your home has been burglarized or vandalized, your insurance policy may cover the value of repairs or lost property. We can help make sure the valuation is correct, and the negotiation with the insurance company is quick and easy.

Public Adjuster vs. Independent Adjuster 

A public adjuster is not the same as an independent adjuster. Knowing how they both operate can help make the difference between an accurate, full-value insurance reimbursement and one that falls vastly short.  

Public Adjusters

Atlantic county public adjuster assisting homeowners

Unlike independent adjusters, public adjusters represent you – the insurance consumer and policyholder. Sometimes, public adjusters are referred to as private adjusters or private loss adjusters. Their goal is to help you navigate claims process complexities to ensure you receive accurate reimbursement.

Independent Adjusters

Despite the name, “independent” adjusters aren’t independent at all. They are contractors who insurance companies hire to represent their interests. While they may appear to be on your side, their ultimate allegiance is to their employer, your insurance company. Their mission is to review the facts of your claim and assess your policy, just like public adjusters. However, they often calculate reimbursement using the lowest amount the insurance company is legally required to pay.

In some cases, insurance companies employ staff adjusters instead of hiring independent contractors. In either case, they both represent the insurance company.

Differences between a public adjuster and an independent adjuster

  • Advocates for you, the policyholder: Public Adjuster ✔
  • Advocates for the insurance company: Independent Adjuster
  • Publicly licensed to work with policyholders: Public Adjuster ✔
  • Helps you receive full policy reimbursement: Public Adjuster ✔

Risks of not hiring a public adjuster

Stressed homeowner reviewing insurance claim - Atlantic County public adjuster can help

There’s minimal risk of hiring a public adjuster. However, there are many risks of not hiring one. If you file a property damage insurance claim in Atlantic County without the assistance of a public adjuster:

  • You are at the mercy of the insurance company’s valuations of your property damage
  • You may receive an insurance reimbursement that’s too low
  • You could incur unexpected costs for repairs that were not factored into your claim
  • Your home value could decrease if damage goes unrepaired

When it comes to ensuring that you file an accurate claim so you can receive the full value of your insurance reimbursement, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A public adjuster can help provide the peace of mind that all your bases are covered.

When to call a public adjuster in Atlantic County

Homeowner calling a public adjuster in Atlantic county

It’s best to call a public adjuster before you file an insurance claim due to damage to your Atlantic County property. But, even if you’ve already submitted a claim, we can still help! We will visit your home to help you determine the severity of the damage so that you can file an accurate claim that represents the full value of your insurance reimbursement. If you file a claim that values your damage too low, an insurance company will not voluntarily pay more than the amount you claimed. We help you submit a detailed and comprehensive claim that accounts for all costs resulting from your property damage.

What to look for in a public adjuster in Atlantic County

If you’ve decided to contact a public adjuster to help with your Atlantic County property claim, be sure to work with one that ticks every box on this list:

✔ Licensed in Atlantic County, NJ

✔ Highly experienced and skilled in negotiations

✔ Represents your best interests

✔ Not afraid to stand up to insurance companies

✔ Strong record of success

✔ Accredited by the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA)

Atlantic County Areas We Serve

As a public adjuster in Atlantic County, we serve homeowners in or near:

  • Egg Harbor Township
  • Galloway Township
  • Atlantic City
  • Brigantine
  • Neighboring cities and townships

If you live in any of these areas and your property has been damaged, contact us to see how we can help.

Atlantic County public adjuster is your advocate

If you need to file an insurance claim, and you’re looking for someone to represent your interests – not those of the insurance company – we are here to help protect you and yours. Contact us online today to request an appointment or call (800) 334-9990.

About Atlantic County, NJ

Atlantic City skyline - Atlantic County public adjuster can help with your insurance claims

Originally known as Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County consists of 672 square miles in the Southeastern tip of New Jersey. It is home to portions of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge, and parts of the Great Egg Harbor Scenic and Recreational River. The county is home to numerous wineries, including the Renault Winery, in Egg Harbor City, and the Tomasello Winery, in Hammonton. Atlantic County is also home to a broad range of historical sites, including hotels, lighthouses, memorials, and mansions.

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