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Theft and Vandalism

Stolen WatchesTheft is one of the most common insurance claims today. Thefts may include the contents of your vehicle, personal belongings stolen from you away from home, those that take place on your property, or in your home or business.

Unfortunately in many cases theft can also be one of the most complicated insurance claims. While many other forms of damage leave the damaged property beind for inspection, theft does not. This can often result in clashes with insurance companies over ownership and documentation.

Additionally, the market value of certain objects can fluctuate. This leaves the insured in a position of being offered less than what they believe is fair. In these circumstances, a public adjuster is an advocate for you and for you interests. An insurance company has an adjuster on their side, shouldn’t you do the same?

Additionally, when a theft occurs in your home or business, the thief(s) may cause damage to your home which is considered vandalism and may be covered. Other forms of vandalism may also be covered under your insurance policy.

If you have had a theft or vandalism incident and are unsure of your coverage or your insurance company’s offer in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, contact Interstate Public Adjusters immediately or call (800) 334-9990.

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