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Falling Object Damage

Falling Object Insurance Claim - Tree Limb

If you’ve ever had the experience of living through a particularly strong and frightening storm, you probably found yourself wondering if the violently shaking trees in your front or back yard were going to come crashing through your home’s roof or windows.

If that’s an experience that sounds familiar, you can rest assured that your fears were neither irrational nor unfounded: The branches of trees, and occasionally even the tree trunks themselves, smash through roofs every storm season, all across the county, every single year.

It’s a frightening and potentially dangerous situation. But even if no one in your home is injured as the result of tree limb damage (which can happen as a result of high winds, a strong storm, or even the weakness and instability of an old tree), the result can still be incredibly cost-prohibitive for a homeowner who’s lacking the proper insurance.

Of course, even a homeowner with a good commercial or homeowners insurance policy can still find themselves having to foot a large bill due to tree limb damage or other falling object damage. That’s because the process of filing a falling object claim with your insurance company can be surprisingly complicated.       

Falling Object Damage

In theory, your homeowners insurance policy should protect you against sudden, accidental instances of loss. These instances are referred to as “perils” in the insurance industry, and they can range from fires to earthquakes. You might think of them as acts of God. And should a storm, high winds or some other set of circumstances cause a tree branch to smash through your roof, you should be covered.

Your provider’s adjuster, however, will likely begin his or her work by looking for any possible cause of negligence on your part that may have contributed to the falling tree. If the adjuster decides that you could have taken some form of preemptive action to prevent the tree from falling, your claim may very well be denied.

If a neighbor’s tree damages your home—or if your tree damages a neighbor’s home, for that matter—the situation is likely to get even stickier still. In most cases, you shouldn’t be held responsible for the damage a tree on your property does to someone else’s home, unless some negligence on your part can be proved. Confusing, no?   

If you're currently dealing with any of these situations, working with an certified public adjuster will almost certainly be the quickest route to getting the situation resolved. After all, your insurance company works with professional adjusters who are specifically hired to protect their financial interests. By hiring your own adjuster, you're doing the very same thing.

If your home or other property has suffered damage due to a falling tree, or any other falling object, contact us immediately.

Blue Ice Damage (Airplane Waste Damage)

It sounds like an urban legend: An enormous chunk of frozen ice literally falls from the sky and crashes straight through the roof of your home, leaving a hole larger than the size of a bicycle wheel in its wake. Maybe it even crashes straight through your floor. Or worse: Perhaps it injures a family member or a beloved pet. When the debris is examined, an odd determination is made: Your home now has the very rare distinction of having been pelted with so-called "blue ice," which is the frozen fecal matter that can occasionally leak from an airplane's toilet and fall to earth.    

Like we said, it sounds like an urban legend. But blue ice that falls from the sky is indeed a real phenomenon. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, such occurrences actually happen a couple of times each year. Airplane toilets, they've admitted, can leak at high altitudes. The waste that escapes the plane's fuselage freezes immediately, and then breaks off in chunks.  

If you think you may have been the victim of blue ice damage, you will absolutely need an certified public adjuster on your side. Determing the provenance of the blue ice that hit your home is no easy task, and as a result, getting any sort of financial relief from your homeowners or commercial insurance policy will be a very frustrating uphill battle, to say the least. If you'd like to discuss the details of your own blue ice damage claim, contact us immediately.    

In the Event of Falling Object Damage, a Certified Public Adjuster Can Help  

In the event that a falling object of any sort damages your home or property, it's always important to discover the full extent of any damage that may have occurred. Not all types of damage may be readily apparent to you. An experienced public adjuster is trained to estimate the full reach of any damage and value your claim accurately.

If your home or other property has suffered damage due to a falling tree, or any other falling object, contact Interstate Public Adjusters immediately.

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